Drug runner killed by police in Chiang Rai shootout

A drug runner has died following a shootout with police in Chiang Rai yesterday, Sept. 1.

The shootout took place in Moo 10 Ngio, Thoeng District at around 4:45 a.m.

In a story repeated many times before with slight variations, the drug runner, Mr. Rajendra Rawin, 37 from Pitsanulok spotted a police checkpoint between Ban Kruat heading towards Ban Somboon in Ngio on a motorcycle, quickly turned around and attempted to flee the scene.

Police gave pursuit with Mr. Rawin firing on police with an 11-mm pistol. Police returned fire, shooting and killing Mr. Rawin around five minutes after the pursuit began.

Along with finding Mr. Rawin’s gun, police also found a total of 304 yaba tablets and various other drugs including ice.

Reports note that Mr. Rawin had a history of drug convictions and had only been released from prison Sept. 7.

***ตร.สภ.เทิง จ.เชียงราย วิสามัญผู้ค้ายาบ้า 1 ราย พบของกลางยาบ้า 304 เม็ด ยาไอซ์ 1 ถุงเล็ก ปืนสั้นประกอบเอง 1 กระบอก…

Posted by รอบทิศเมืองเทิง on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Photo: CRNews2015