Drug seller killed in shootout with police on busy road in Tha Sala

A drug seller has been killed after getting into a shootout with police in Tha Sala last night, Feb. 12.

The shootout took place on the railway road (Rotfai Alley) behind Palm Spring Village south of the Chiang Mai Railway Station at around 5:30 p.m.

In what could be described as a sting gone wrong, police, having arrested two people for drug possession had the pair arrested organize to meet their dealer to buy more drugs south of the railway station.

The trap worked to the point where drug dealer and an associate were cornered in a pickup truck but what police didn’t expect is that both would be armed and willing to fight back.

A shootout then occurred – nothing again that this all occurred in metro Chiang Mai on a busy road during peak hour  – with one of the two men shot and killed. The second man managed to escape.

The deceased was named as Mr. Thanon Chookitprasertkul, 31 from Nai Mueang, Mueang Lamphun.

Police found 32,000 yaba tablets in the pickup truck along with a 9mm pistol.

Police actually went as far as apologizing for the shootout, saying that they understand that it was alarming for the public especially parents of school children who were picking up their children.

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Photo: Daily News