Drug-taking Brit arrested for 414 day overstay in San Kamphaeng

Chiang Mai Immigration Police have arrested a British national in San Kamphaeng who had overstayed his visa by 414 days.

Police attended the house the man was living in yesterday, Nov. 28 in Tambon Ton Pao after being tipped off by the landlord that a man staying with the accused was displaying “drug-taking behavior.”

On arrival, Mr. Benjamin John Salisbury, 31, refused to open the door for police. Having received permission from the homeowner to break down the front door, police subsequently found Salisbury attempting to flush yaba tablets down a toilet.

A subsequent search of the premises discovered 0.95 grams of yaba and various items described as being drug paraphernalia.

Salisbury is claimed to have told police that he purchased the pills in Chiang Mai city but police are investigating whether he may be involved in an international drug trading network.

He has been detained in custody with the British Embassy informed of his arrest.