Drunk Big Bike rider crashes into uncle and noodle stall after fleeing San Sai checkpoint

In a story that can’t be made up, a drunk Big Bike rider has been arrested by police after he fled a checkpoint, clipped an uncle on his bike, crashed into a noodle stall and then attempted to hide in a shopfront rental room in San Sai last night.

The drama all took place on Doi Saket Road (Highway 118) just after midnight in San Na Meng with the crash itself and eventual arrest occurring near the small market and 7-Eleven in Kurusapa Village Soi 2.

The story starts when Mr. Chana, 25 who’d been out drinking in the city was heading home towards Doi Saket on his unregistered black 500cc Honda CBR when he spotted a police checkpoint on the highway.

Attempting to flee the checkpoint as he didn’t want to be done for drink driving, he did a u-turn then subsequently hit a motorcycle being ridden by Mr. Jumroon, 58. Mr. Jumroon was taken to Doi Saket Hospital with leg injuries.

The story continues as after he hit Mr. Jumroom, Mr. Chana then crashed his bike into a noodle stand. He then attempted to flee the scene by trying to gain entry into a rental room at the market. The owner refused to let him in.

Sometime very shortly thereafter police arrived at the scene and arrested Mr. Chana.

No word yet as to the charges but you’d think there would be plenty of them.

Photos: Chiang Mai News