Drunk English speaking woman detained after sunbathing naked outside CM police station

A drunk woman who could only speak English has been detained after she was found naked and sunbathing outside of the Chiang Mai Police Station in Phra Singh today, Feb. 12.

Attention to the woman was first brought to the attention of police by a member of the public who had spotted her naked, lying on the grass along the west side of the police station.

The woman, who had a Thai ID card saying that she was 40-years-old and from Doi Luang District, Chiang Rai, was assisted in putting on her clothes by police and members of the public.

Where the story becomes strange… well, stranger given it already involves a drunk woman sunbathing outside of the police station in the middle of Chiang Mai, the woman could only communicate in English.

After some investigation, she was transported to the Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital. Thairath reports that it apparently isn’t the first time the woman had been in Suan Prung.

Photo: Thairath