Drunk man beats wife to death with tree log in Lampang

A 72-year-old man has been arrested after he beat his wife to death with a tree log in Lampang yesterday, May 26.

The murder occurred in Moo 13 Pichai, Mueang Lampang before dawn.

In bizarre circumstances, the murderer, Mr. Boonthiang Krueng first claimed that he woke up at 5 a.m. Sunday morning after a heavy night of drinking to find his wife, Mrs. Sriwan Nanthawong, 55, was dead and he didn’t know how.

Claiming to have had no recollection of how she died, Mr. Krueng went to a nearby home where his son lived to tell him what he had found. The son subsequently called police.

The story didn’t last long, however, with police hearing from locals that the couple was known to quarrel regularly.

Mr. Krueng eventually confessed but claimed to act in self-defense, saying that his deceased wife had tried to attack him with a knife so he beat her to death with a tree log which he used as a bat.

A bloodied log was found near the scene.

Mr. Krueng was taken by police to Muaeng Lampang Police Station where he has been detained pending various charges.