Drunk man drowns after going for a swim in San Kamphaeng pond

A drunk man has drowned after deciding to go for a swim in a pond in San Kamphaeng yesterday, May 28.

The drowning occurred at a fish pond in Moo 2 Tambon Sam Khamphaeng at around 1 p.m.

The deceased, Mr. Banchong Yanyok, 40 from Mae Chaem, who worked at the pond hiring access to the pond for fishing, had started drinking on the job earlier in the day and then decided in his wisdom that it was too hot and that he’d go for a swim.

He apparently did so despite a ban being in place for swimming in the pond and that he knew other people that had previously drowned in the neighborhood.

Emergency services workers took 20-minutes to find his body.

It’s believed a combination of him being drunk and the water in the pond being cold may have caused him to cramp up and then drown.