Drunk man murders family members in Mae Chaem

A drunk man has been arrested after he murdered two family members in Mae Chaem yesterday, Dec. 31.

The murders took place at a house in Ban Pha Nang, Moo 2 Tha Pha at around 10 a.m.

The accused murderer, Mr. Kham Kawivan, 50 got into a dispute with his father-in-law Mr. Sukrawin Nan, 79 which ended with Kamivan allegedly slashing Nan’s throat. A son-in-law, Mr. Apichat Min Munin, 34 came to investigate what had happened with Kamivan slashing his throat as well.

Mr. Kawivan subsequently fled to a nearby tree (pictured above) where he remained for some four and a half hours until eventually coming down.

The motivation for the murders is unknown although Workpoint News reports that drugs may have been involved.

Kawivan has been detained in custody by Mae Chaem Police pending a court hearing.

Photo: Workpoint News