‘Eagle Track’ zipline shutdown for encroaching on national park in Mae Rim

Eagle Track zipline has been shut down after it was discovered that parts of the course were illegally built on national park land.

The ziplining course, located in Tambon Mae Raem, Mae Rim, was originally built with permission for two ziplining courses but the owners had since built additional lines within Doi Suthep–Pui National Park.

In addition to encroaching on national park land, the raid, lead by 100 Royal Thai Army soldiers also found that the zipline operators were also growing drugs on the site.

The raid uncovered over 50 cannabis plants, dried marijuana and a number of bamboo bongs.

The owner, Mr. Somjai Rakseri, has been arrested while employees are being interviewed to see what involvement they had with the drug operation and national park encroachment.