Eastin Hotel in Suthep offers free rooms and food for medical personnel

Mr. Tan Passakornnatee, the Chairman of the Ichitan Group Public Company Limited and one of Chiang Mai’s biggest land owners has announced that he is offering free accomodation, food and cleaning at the Eastin Hotel in Suthep to medical personnel during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Passakornnatee, also known as “Sai Tan,” made the announcement on his Facebook page, writing that doctors and nurses are putting themselves at risk for us – why can’t we make sacrifices for them.

The offer is available from April 1 onwards and is open to all doctors, nurses and other medical personal in Chiang Mai “so you don’t have to waste time traveling,” Sai Tan added.

Those applying for a free room must provide a medical identification card. 122 rooms are available in the hotel under the offer.

Sia Tan owns a sizable portion of the land and buildings in the Nimman area. He made his money as the founder of the Oishi Group that later became the Ichitan Group, Thai’s most popular brand of green tea as well as the Oishi restaurants.

Photo: Sai Tan