Eight arrested over Iron Bridge murder, claim they were provoked

Eight members of a youth gang have been arrested following the murder of a man on the Iron Bridge in Chang Klan Sunday morning, Sept. 28.

The men stomped Mr. Komwut Pichawong, 33 to within an inch of his life with the victim later dying in hospital from a ruptured liver and spleen. Mr. Anupap Aksornsophanaphan, 32, the other victim managed to flee the scene with minor injuries.

The men, all Thai nationals but of various hill tribe backgrounds claim that Mr. Pichawong and Mr. Aksornsophanaphan provoked them, claiming the victims insulted them and that’s why they attacked.

Those arrested ranged between 15 to 20 years of age from various places primarily in the north.

Six of the men were arrested last night, Sept. 30 while the final two men were arrested this morning.

They’ve all been charged with “jointly injuring another person causing death.”