Employee arrested for stealing from Phra Singh hotel

A hotel employee has been arrested after stealing from his employer, the Wing Bed Hotel in Phra Singh.

Mr. Pasawat Rungruang, 23, originally from Kamphaeng Phet, stole 14,722 baht, a black FILA t-shirt and pants, a pair of shoes and an Oppo smartphone this morning, Dec. 20 at around 3:35 a.m.

The money and goods were spotted as being missing later in the morning with staff then checking CCTV to work out who had stolen the items

Despite wearing a facemask, it didn’t take them more than a minute to work out that the person caught on camera was Mr. Rungruang.

Perhaps indicating that he isn’t too bright, Mr. Rungruang had hidden the money and the stolen goods in an employee bathroom.

Mr. Rungruang confessed to the crime, telling police that he wanted to give the money to his girlfriend.

He has been detained in custody pending a court hearing.