English teacher arrested at CM Airport following Uttaradit traffic accident

An English teacher is reported to have been arrested attempting to flee the country following a fatal traffic accident in Uttaradit.

Mr. Clive Everall, 54, from Shrewsbury in the U.K. claims that he hit a 77-year-old uncle while riding a motorcycle Jan. 29 after the man had walked out in front of him. The victim of the accident later died in hospital.

By his telling of the story, he spoke to police who initially told him “not to worry, it was an accident.” Chiang Mai One notes that he had only been in the country four months and this happened in Uttaradit, not exactly known for its English-speaking police.

Fast forward to Monday,  Feb. 10 and Mr. Everall claims he was called to the police station where he was told that he would have to pay compensation to the family despite no criminal charges being brought. Everall told the Shropshire Star that he told police he only had 20,000 baht but relatives were seeking up to ten times that amount.

“The police told me to go back home raise funds, come back and renegotiate with the family,” Mr. Everall said. “I signed a paper then I was told I was free to go.” Chiang Mai One once again notes that the paper was highly unlikely in English so he actually had no idea what he was signing.

He then traveled to Chiang Mai International Airport where he was arrested, detained by immigration and then transported back to Uttaradit. He was subsequently taken before a judge where he claimed he was be given a tracking device and was not allowed to leave until such time he made the compensation payment.

“I just want to come home,” he told the newspaper. “My plan is to negotiate a payment plan with the family and be allowed to leave the country. I have got work when I come back. I want to do what’s right but I can’t do anything for them if I am locked up.

“I am trying to remain strong and keep my head high. I am a caring man and I had come here to do something good,” he added.

As is traditional in these cases, he’s started a Gofundme campaign in an attempt to raise funds.

Photo: Shropshirestar/ Clive Everall