Entertainment venues and more closed in Chiang Mai due to coronavirus concerns

Following the disclosure of a new case of COVID-19 and four to five suspected case in Chiang Mai yesterday, March 18 all entertainment venues and various other forms of businesses have been ordered closed across the province starting from today, March 19.

Governor Mr. Charoenrit Sanguansat made the order under Section 35 of the Communicable Diseases Act 2016 with the order in place until April 1.

Businesses closed under the ban include:

  • spas, massage salons and “beauty massage salons”
  • entertainment venues
  • karaoke outlets
  • game shops
  • Exercise and fitness venues
  • children’s play equipment zones
  • walking street markets
  • movie theaters
  • boxing stadiums
  • Chiang Mai Racecourse
  • cockfighting rings

In addition, gatherings of more than 300 people require permission to be held. Parks and stadiums will be open as normal, however “events must not be held.”

Schools nationwide had already been ordered shut nationwide March 17 on the order of the Thai government. Universities such as CMU and Maejo are currently in the process of switching to online learning.

Photo: Thairath