Eviction orders given to Mon Cham resorts for forest encroachment

Mon Cham Resorts

Three resorts in Mon Cham have been given eviction notices after it was discovered that they were illegally built inside of protected forest areas.

The encroachment was discovered by Forest Department officials after surveying the area the resorts were located in the Mae Rim area with further land to be surveyed.

Mr. Cheevapab Chivatham, director of the forest fire prevention and control office told the Bangkok Post that “so far, the department has served eviction orders on three resorts that are accused of contravening the forest law.” He added that the department has a clear policy on enforcing a law which makes the practice illegal, particularly for investors who are not local to the area.

“We don’t need to wait for the court’s verdict as we have very clear maps of the forest border,” Chivatham added. “It is important to send a strong message to both foreign and Thai investors that it is not worth investing in businesses in the forest zone.”

More resorts are likely to be targeted with pictures circulating on social media showing the encroachment into forests in the area.

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Posted by เชียงใหม่นิวส์ Chiang Mai News on Saturday, December 28, 2019

Photo: Thairath