Face Mask Mandate Lifted

Face Masks Thailand

The government has lifted its face mask mandate and advised vulnerable and infected people to still use masks for the sake of personal and public health.

The decision was made due to the improving Covid-19 situation and intended to let people resume virtually normal lifestyles, according to the government announcement published in the Royal Gazette on Friday.


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The use of face masks is now voluntary, but is recommended to prevent infection by respiratory diseases including Covid-19, the announcement said.

The Public Health Ministry advised people to continue to wear masks in crowded or poorly ventilated places.

Vulnerable people, mainly the elderly and those with underlying illnesses, should wear face masks while staying with others to reduce the risk of infection because catching Covid-19 could jeopardise their life.

Covid-infected people or those in close contact with Covid-19 cases should wear face masks to reduce transmission risk, the announcement said.


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