Fake Grab Food driver steals food from San Kamphaeng noodle shop

A man allegedly pretending to be a Grab Food driver is claimed to have stole food from a noodle shop in San Klang, San Kamphaeng Sept. 29.

The unknown man on a motorcycle came to the shop claiming he was there to pick up a Grab Food delivery. The staff initially accepted the man at his word despite him not wearing a uniform as Grab Food drivers don’t always do so. They prepared the food but later became suspicious when they couldn’t find the order on the Grab system.

The alleged fake Grab Food driver claimed that there must have been an internet fault. By this stage, most of the food hand been prepared with the man deciding to grab it (pun not intended) and leave the scene.

Staff managed to get a photograph of the back of the man on his motorcycle as he rode away.

The owner of the store, Parisa Fai, told a Facebook group that she was publicizing the theft so others would be aware of the scam.

Photo: Parisa Fai/Guru Chiang Mai