Farang woman allegedly assaulted outside nightclub in Chang Moi

A 20-something woman from the U.K. alleges that she was assaulted outside a nightclub in Chang Moi early this morning, Nov. 29.

Willow Elizabeth claims in a post on Facebook that the attack occurred outside the Spicy Night Club on Chaiyapoom Road in the early hours.

According to Ms. Elizabeth’s post she was with her boyfriend outside of Spicy when “an American man assaulted me by swinging me [sic] a Thai kick to the head then proceed to punch me in my face.”

Elizabeth claims that the attack was totally out of the blue and that she did not interact or speak with the man beforehand. How she was able to ascertain the alleged assailant was American is not clear as of the time of writing.

“Unfortunately he managed to escape the doormen and got off [sic] on a scooter with a friend very quickly before police could arrive,” Elizabeth added.

The assailant was described as 5 foot 11 (1.8 meters), slender with a bald head in his late 20s to early 30s. Race was not described but presumably the alleged attacker was white. Elizabeth added that she wanted people to be aware of the risks of being attacked by this person.

Photo: Willow Elizabeth/Zed Chang/Farang Community – fair use under both U.S. and Thai copyright law.