Fire extinguished after burning 10 rai in Mae Ping National Park

Parks workers and other volunteers were quick to the scene to extinguish a fire that was detected in Mae Ping National Park in Lamphun yesterday, Jan. 19.

The main fire was spotted in forest in Ko, Li District and was one of several detected on the NASA Firms Fire Maps in the last 24-hours in the area. Another fire was spotted in the park but across the border in Chiang Mai near Pong Thung, Doi Tao District.

Mae Ping National Park is in the deep south of Lamphun and Chiang Mai Province several hundred kilometers from Mueang Chiang Mai.

Around 10 rai of land burned in the first fire before it was successfully being put out.

While there have been a small number of fires within a 50-kilometer radius of Mueang Chiang Mai in the last week, the majority of the fires – dozens have been far further south. The geographic difference suggests that while the fire burning ban may be working in the central and north parts of Chiang Mai and Lamphun, it’s not being enforced successfully in the southern parts of both.

Photo: Chiang Mai News