Five drug couriers killed in Chiang Rai shootout

Five drug couriers had died after they attempted to flee from Royal Thai Army troops patrolling the Myanmar border in Chiang Rai Saturday night, Nov. 26.

The shootout occurred in Doi Nang Non mountain range in Winga Phang Kham, Mae Sai with the soldiers being in area after receiving a tip-off about a drug shipment.

Having found the armed men walking through the jungle, the soldiers demanded that they stop and lay down their weapons but instead the men started a firefight in an attempt to flee.

Due to the darkness at the scene, the army does not know exactly how many men were in the convoy or if any had gotten away. Concerns about security were so severe that the soldiers did not move in on the scene until reinforcements arrived Sunday morning.

In addition to five bodies, guns and ammunition, around one million yaba tablets were also seized.