Flooding, landslides as heavy rain hits Fang

Several roads were closed this morning, Sept. 2 in Fang after heavy rain struct the District overnight.

Officials this morning were reported to be attempting to stabilize several landslides on Highway 1249 to Doi Ang Khang.

Motorists in both Tambon Wiang and San Sai faces delays after roads flooded. The Rangsee Witthaya School in Tambon San Sai (note, not San Sai District in the Chiang Mai metro area) was closed due to concern for the safety of students and staff attempting to get to school.

Speaking to Bangkok Biznews, Mr. Phairin Limcharoen, Head of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, Chiang Mai Province said that the flooding had occurred at around dawn due to heavy rain and that pumps had been brought in to clear the flooding.

Mr. Limcharoen added that the flooding had been caused by wood, leaves, fragments and other garbage that had clogged up pipes are drains in Wiang and San Sai.

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office remains on alert as there is a further chance of heavy rain in the area this afternoon, Sept. 2.

02/09/62 ฝนตกดินสไลด์ ต้นไม้หัก บางจุด ทางขึ้นอ่างขางเส้นทาง 1249 ใช้เส้นทางด้วยความระมัดระวังคะ

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