Flooding strikes villages in Nan Province

Heavy rains Thursday caused widespread flooding in various districts and villages in Nan Province.

Flooding is reported to have hit Ban Klong Moo 1, Yom Ban Mai Moo 3, Ban Na Taro Moo 4 and Ban Por 2 Tambon Chom Phra and Ban Phe Mun. Group 1 Ban Ton Ha Moo 2, Pa Kaa Subdistrict, Tha Wang Pha District, and Ban San Moo 2 and Ban Samo 1 Moo 13 Tambon Ban Pua.

In total, the worst hit areas were tambons (sub-districts) in Tha Wang Pha district and Pua district, both located in the central north of the province.

The Nan River is reported to have broken its banks around lunch time, inundating homes, farmland and cutting off access to major roads.

District disaster management workers and soldiers from the Royal Thai Army were transported to the scene to assist in flood mitigation efforts and to help rescue stranded residents.