Following yesterday’s quake, authorities warn more earthquakes likely in Chiang Mai

Following an earthquake yesterday in San Sai that came in at 3.2 on the Richter scale, Thai authorities are warning that more earthquakes are likely in the coming days and weeks in the broader Chiang Mai metro area.

The Earthquake Surveillance Division of the Thai Meteorological Department has warned that the Mae Tha fault can result in small to severe earthquakes.

Yesterday’s earthquake was notable as it was shallow. The majority of earthquakes in the north are deep and are rarely felt outside of their epicenter. Villagers are said to have heard loud noises like bombs going off during last night’s earthquake up to 20 kilometers away.

The Earthquake Surveillance Division notes that there is a chance that the 3.2 quake may be a precursor to what they describe only as a “significant earthquake.”

Villagers in San Sai and surrounding areas are warned to be prepared and ready in case a large earthquake strikes as the “shaking of buildings may be strong.” They also warn that household appliances may fall off shelves and cause damage.

People are asked not to panic but be vigilant should a large earthquake strike.

The largest earthquake in Thai history, a 6.1, struck along the Phayao fault line in Chiang Rai in 2014. The largest earthquake on the Mae Tha fault line was a 5.1 in 2006.