Foodpanda rider allegedly sexually harasses CM university student

A Foodpanda driver has been fired after a 19-year-old customer described as a student at a famous university in Chiang Mai complained he sexually harassed her.

The incident apparently involved the female customer ordering food via the app for the rider to then insist that he needed to deliver the food directly to her room as opposed to leaving it at then reception in her building. Upon arriving at the room, the rider than insisted on entering the room and complained he had a stomach ache and needed to use the toilet.

After managing to get rid of the accused, the student then received messages via the Foodpanda app from the rider that he was sexually interested in her.

Interestingly, according to the student as reported by Chiang Mai News and Sanook, Foodpanda allegedly offered her a food voucher as compensation but only if she deleted her social media posts discussing the incident with their rider.

Chiang Mai One makes no suggestion as to whether the allegation of an attempted coverup is true or not but notes that Foodpanda is a venture capital-funded German company and should know far, far better if the allegation that they attempted to cover up the accusation is true.

The student herself said that she wanted to go public to make others aware that while rare these things can happen. The student has also filed a complaint with Phuping Ratchaniwet Police over the incident.

Photo: Sanook