Foreign man arrested for shoplifting vodka from Lamphun 7-Eleven

A foreign man has been arrested after he walked out of a Lamphun 7-Eleven with a bottle of vodka early this morning, Jan. 6.

Two men, both foreign and speaking a language believed to be Spanish entered the 7-Eleven at 3:15 a.m. They attempted to buy alcohol but were told it was not available. Both were described as being clearly drunk and smelling of alcohol.

One of the two men is then described as “sneaking” back into the store where he went behind the counter and pocketed a bottle of vodka valued at 800 baht while attendants were packing shelves.

The incident was spotted, however on CCTV with police called. Around 45 minutes after the incident one of the foreign men was seen near a night market not far from the 7-Eleven where here was arrested.

Tourists police were called along with an interpreter. The arrested man had no passport and documents, going only by the name of “Haring” (transliterated from Thai – perhaps Harry).

Photo: MGROnline