Foreigners suspected in desecration of Thai and Royal flags in Pai

Foreigner tourists are suspected to be behind the desecration of flag poles flying the Thai flag and a Royal flag in Pai early this morning, July 1.

The flag poles were found damaged and on the ground outside of the Prawdao Resort in Wiang Tai – Pai’s main town center, at 6:30 a.m. this morning.

While Thai language media reports suggest that the flags themselves were destroyed, pictures from the scene show two flags poles with the flags on the ground, the flags seemingly undamaged.

None the less, the locals are outraged with police saying that they would track down and arrest the flag attackers. For bonus points, they added that they would ensure that those behind the flag attacks would be deported from Thailand and banned from ever returning as the national flag and royal flag are symbols of all Thai people.

The reason foreigners are suspected is due to the flag poles being located near a popular pub that is described as being open until early morning where tourists get drunk every day.

While not specifying the nationality of the tourists, white 20-something backpackers of which Pai is infested with year round would most definitely be at the top of the likely suspect list.