Former cop who escaped from San Pa Tong Hospital caught by police

A 45-year-old former policeman who escaped from San Pa Tong Hospital Feb. 23 after being arrested on theft charges Feb. 23 has been recaptured by police.

Mr. Pawares Wongsuwan had received treatment at the hospital after being attacked and managed to slip his handcuffs to escape at 4 a.m. in the morning.

Police tracked him down yesterday, Feb. 26 to a residence in Thung Sao, Moo 3 Ban Klang, San Pa Tong, a house belonging to his father-in-law.

His wife is now being sought by police for assisting in his escape.

Of note, reports say that he was previously fired from the police force and imprisoned for embezzlement in a drug case.

จนมุมแล้ว! ตำรวจไล่ล่ารวบตัวแล้วผู้ต้องหาลักทรัพย์อดีต…

Posted by กูรูเชียงใหม่ เรื่องเชียงใหม่กูรู้ on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Photo: Sanook