Founders of fake ‘World Peace University’ based in Chang Phueak sentenced to jail

The owners and organizers of a fake university that was run from an address in Chang Phueak between 2012 and 2013 were sentenced to up to 61 years in jail by a Bangkok court this morning, April 24.

The World Peace University was promoted online as a Florida, U.S. registered university with a Chiang Mai head office that offered honorary degrees and even went as far a claiming to have multiple campuses complete with fake academic staff.

The scam went so deep that the university granted honorary degrees to several hundred famous people reports at the time said. Perhaps not surprisingly, each honorary degree came with an “administrative cost,” said to be between 5,000 baht and 12,000 baht each.

The university itself was shut down in 2013 after it was declared illegal under the Private Higher Education Institute Act.

The University had never registered with the Thai Government and instead was registered as a limited partnership.

Charges against those behind the university were made under Section 341 and 343 of the Criminal Code, breaches of various education acts as well as jointly importing false information into a computer system under the Computer Crime Act BE 2550, Section 14.

Mr. Sawat Bunthoengsuk, the president and founder of the university was sentenced with 61 years in jail while others involved in the scam were sentenced to between 10 and 61 years each in jail as well.