Four people injured as train slams into car in Lamphun

Four people have been injured after a State Railways of Thailand passenger train slammed into their vehicle at a railway crossing in Lamphun yesterday, Nov. 22.

The accident occurred at Chetawan Road in Moo 7 Umong, Mueang Lamphun at around 5:30 p.m.

The driver, Ms. Chitthep Maneechai, 33 from Chai Prakarn said that she had been transporting family members to a Wat in Lamphun when she was stuck in traffic crossing the railway line. The crossing barriers subsequently came down but she claims she was boxed in on the crossing by cars both in front and behind the Nissan she was driving.

The train is reported to have dragged the car five meters down the tracks before it became clear.

Of the four people in the car, two were transported to hospital.

There was only minor damage to the train and it was able to continue its journey.