Four suspected cases of mystery Chinese viral pneumonia detected at CM Airport

Four people, three Thai and one Chinese national have been pulled aside at Chiang Mai International Airport with suspected cases of the mystery viral pneumonia that has affected Wuhan in China.

The mystery virus was first detected in Wuhan Dec. 12 and as of Jan. 5 there had been 59 confirmed cases in the city. 21 people have also been hospitalized in Hong Kong as of Jan. 6 which suspected cases of the virus as well.

Chiang Mai International Airport deployed “thermo scanners” to screen passengers flying in from Wuhan Jan. 5.

Of the four suspected cases, the Chinese national was found to be infected with influenza A (H3N2) and allowed to return to China. The three Thais detected by the scanner have been hospitalized. All three are reported to have “improved overall symptoms” but are being monitored for the disease in a quarantined area of a Chiang Mai private hospital. Test results are, at least at the time of writing, not complete.

The Department of Disease Control is asking all travelers who have visited Wuhan who have then become ill to report to a local hospital.

Photo: Chiang Mai International Airport