Four teens arrested over attack outside a cafe in Chang Klan

Four teens have been arrested in relation to the attack of a person outside a Chang Klan cafe on Dec. 1.

The four teens, who have surprisingly not been named by Thai media, were part of a group of around a dozen teens who allegedly chased and then attacked a teen from a rival group.

CCTV footage shows the group chasing the man down Charoenprathet Road at 3 a.m. Saturday morning before corning the victim and hitting him over the head with a beer bottle.

It’s not clear from reports what the dispute was over but the teens, along with their parents were highly apologetic over the incident. They also vehemently denied that the teens had anything to do with the infamous “samurai gangs” that existed a number of years ago of which Thai media likes to apply to any group of teens fighting in  Chang Klan and Saraphi.

The four have been charged with assault.