Four village headman fail drug tests at Fang meeting

Attendees at a meeting of village headman and deputy headman in Fang yesterday experience a surprise, with attendees be forced to undertake surprise “piss tests” for drugs by army officers.

The meeting was ostensibly called by the Fang District to discuss district issues when the soldiers arrived, much to the distress of some attendees.

Piss tests of those present saw four village headman obtain a “purple result,” that is the test found that they had drugs in their systems.

It’s not clear from reports exactly what drug the men tested positive to but the tests usually test for yaba. The four men were then escorted to a local hospital for further testing.

The piss test raid is said to have been part of an operation to prevent and resolve drug problems in Chiang Mai Province.

In the event that the headman further failed a blood test for drugs in hospital they were to be immediately dismissed from their positions and prosecuted for taking drugs.

Photo: Thairath