Free Mobile Data for MorChana App Users Provided by National Telecom

Mor Chana App

Digital Economy and Society Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta said on Monday that National Telecom will provide free mobile data to users of the “MorChana” (Doctors Win) app.

The application, launched on 10th April 2020, records the user’s movements in order to track and trace new COVID-19 infections.

The app also provides information on the risk of infection in different places, which are marked red, orange, yellow or green, based on exposure to the virus.

Three mobile services under NT will provide free data when you use the application.

They are NT Mobile, TOT Mobile and My [by CAT],” he said, adding that the MorChana app will not store users’ images or personal information like name, phone number, e-mail, address etc.

“In case there is a drop in internet connection, the application will save the user’s location and upload the travel information once a connection is available,” he added.

National Telecom is the product of a merger between TOT and CAT Telecom, which was completed on 7th January. The company provides new mobile connections under NT Mobile and also deals with existing TOT and CAT Telecom customers.


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