German claims he was ripped off, beaten in Chang Klan karaoke bar

Update: later reports claim the bar was Together Karaoke. Original report as follows. 

A German tourist has lodged a complaint with Mueang Chiang Mai Police claiming that he was ripped off and beaten in a Chang Klan karaoke bar last night, March 27.

Mr. Arthur Wojciechowski, 35 told police that a tuk-tuk driver at the Thapae Gate took him to the karaoke bar on Chang Klan Road where he experienced a number of girls sitting around.

He claims to have ordered three to four bottles of small beer but when he went to leave he was presented a bill for 10,000 baht.

Refusing to pay the bill and instead attempting to call police, Mr. Wojciechowski was attacked by staff who beat him to the ground and forced to pay a bill of 5,000 baht instead.

They then threw him outside the karaoke bar where a passerby called emergency services to come to his assistance. He declined to go to hospital but instead was transported back to his accommodation.

He’s described as having injuries to his upper body including bruising and swelling on his face.

Mueang Chiang Mai Police were unable to visit the karaoke bar today as it was closed but intended to try again this evening.

Although the name of the karaoke bar was not named by Thai language media, the bar in particular is said to be unlicensed and has been involved in similar incidents in the past.

A karaoke bar on Chang Klan Road – it’s not clear if it was the same bar, presented a bill of 160,000 baht to a Korean man in October while in another case, a karaoke bar presented a Chinese national with a bill for 14,000 baht in September.