Germans in trouble for removing coronavirus barrier in Nam Phrae

In a bizarre case a group of Germans are in trouble for having allegedly removed a coronavirus barrier in an moo baan in Nam Phrae, Hang Dong.

A group of around 20 German nationals and their Thai wives were accused of “demolishing” a community blockade near Wat Thung Rang Raeng in Moo 4 Nam Phrae. The Germans claim that the barrier was blocking entry to their homes.

The locals disagreed, however, claiming that the barrier was vital in stopping the spread of COVID-19. A report was made to Hang Dong Police with Mr. Somsak Kanakham, Hang Dong District Chief claiming that the act was illegal at that the Germans should be prosecuted and also fined.

Immigration was also called in to investigate the status of the Germans involved.

Unfortunately, the side of the accused was not presented in Thai media reports. What isn’t clear is whether the barrier was completely preventing the Germans from accessing their properties. While ostensibly a coronavirus checkpoint, at least one of the photos (see above) from the scene clearly shows a permanent, unremovable barrier with homes behind it.

It’s one thing that people are made to have their temperature checked to enter an area – a perfectly reasonable request but if these people were being denied access to the homes that would be another matter.

Xenophobia against white people across Thailand continues to rise as the government blames farangs for the coronavirus pandemic in Thailand.

Photo: Chiang Mai News