Government Cuts Payments to Workers Welfare Fund Due to COVID-19

Office Workers

The Social Security Office (SSO) will reduce employers and employees’ contributions to the worker welfare fund.

On Friday, SSO secretary-general Thossaphol Kritwongwiman announced that the ministry had decided to cut the contributions for three months, from January to March 2021.

The temporary measure, which took effect on Friday, is intended to reduce people’s financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people have been thrown out of work or their incomes plunged into uncertainty.

The cost to the ministry will be 15 billion baht and means that employees will only have to pay 278 baht, down from 432 baht while the measure is in force.


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Employers can pay their contri­butions through bank offices, online through some the banks, and all social security offices across the country.

Employees can pay by monthly debiting their accounts on the 15th of every month, paying at social security offices, branches of Krung Thai Bank, Counter Service of 7-eleven, Big C supermarket, Zenpay, Thailand Post, Tesco Lotus supermarket, Bank of Ayudhya and Thanachart Bank.


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