Government Offers Compensation For Vaccine Victims

Human Trials Of Local Vaccine

The National Health Security Office (NHSO) is offering compensation for adverse effects following COVID-19 vaccinations, ranging from persistent illnesses to death.

Dr Jadej Thammatacharee, secretary-general of the NHSO said that the NHSO’s board decided to adjust its payments for healthcare services associated with COVID-19 screening and treatment by including compensation for COVID-19 vaccination reactions.

“In cases of death or irreversible disabilities, the compensation will be paid at a maximum 400,000 baht per case, while 240,000 baht will be paid for cases of less serious disabilities,” he said.

As for injuries or persistent illnesses the maximum compensation payment is 100,000 baht.

“Financial compensation will be paid within five days after a claim is submitted,” he pledged.

The office had set aside 11 billion baht to pay the costs of COVID-19 screening and about seven billion baht had been reimbursed, he said.

About half of the payments went to funding COVID-19 screening services and the rest to funding treatment of infected patients.

On average, the cost of COVID-19 treatment per patient is 100,000 baht, while in some extreme cases, the cost of treatment per case was as high as 1 million baht, he said.

Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong, director-general of the Department of Health Service Support, dismissed reports claiming COVID-19 patients were being charged for costs of services that weren’t covered by the government.

“Everyone who is at risk of contracting the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is allowed to undergo a COVID-19 test at any state-run or private healthcare facilities without having to pay for the service,” he said.

If a person is found to have COVID-19, the patient will be transferred to a healthcare facility to receive treatment for free, he said.

Patients, however, will be responsible for paying the costs of any extra services or convenience they or their relatives request, Dr Krassanairawiwong said.

“Any private hospitals that refuse to admit COVID-19 patients for treatment or charge them for the service may find their executives facing up to two years in prison, 40,000 baht in fines or both,” he said.