Government Offers Songkran Accident & COVID-19 Insurance

Rachada Dhnadirek - Deputy Government Spokeswoman
Rachada Dhnadirek - Deputy Government Spokeswoman

A special policy is on offer for people to insure themselves against Songkran traffic accidents and COVID-19 infection, according to government spokeswoman Rachada Dhnadirek.

The 10-baht insurance premium was intended to be a gift from the government to people who travel during the Songkran holiday and to soothe their concerns about a fresh wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ms Dhnadirek said.

The insurance scheme is being sold until the end of next month while the Songkran holiday exodus is underway. The holiday period extends from yesterday until 18th April.

The Office of the Insurance Commission has collaborated with the insurance sector to create the so-called “New Normal Super Plus” insurance, which specifically caters to Songkran travellers and COVID-19 at-risk groups.

The micro-insurance provides a 100,000 baht payout for death, loss of limb or disability resulting from traffic accidents or 50,000 baht for death, or loss of limb resulting from murder or physical attack.

The insured who require hospitalisation from a traffic accident or side-effects of COVID-19 vaccination are entitled to receive 300 baht a day of compensation for up to 20 days.

The policy coverage also includes a 5,000-baht payout for death from the COVID-19 vaccination.

In addition, anyone insured who has contracted COVID-19 is entitled to 3,000-baht coverage.

Those taking out the insurance must be between the ages of 20 and 70 on the day of buying the policy which is available at 23 participating insurance firms.

This year, the government aims to cut traffic accidents by at least 5% from last year when 1,307 road accidents were recorded nationwide during the Songkran period, one of the busiest times of the year for road traffic.

The Royal Thai Police announced this year that at least 1,200 roadside checkpoints will be up and running to curb drink-driving.