Government Warning Against Sharing Fake News Regarding Thailand Losing Gold Mine Case

Gold Mine Case

The Digital Economy and Society Ministry has warned people not to believe and share news posts on the internet that the government has lost its legal case against Kingsgate Consolidated and must pay compensation of Bt70 billion.

Australian firm Kingsgate Consolidated Limited sued the Thai government for compensation over the controversial closure of a gold mine in Phichit province operated by Kingsgate’s subsidiary Akara Resources in early 2017.

“The ministry’s Anti-Fake News Centre contacted the Government Public Relations Department to verify this information and was told it was wrong,” the ministry said.

“The latest arbitration hearing of this case took place in Singapore in February this year, while the deadline for submission of additional documents to the arbitration committee was set in July, which means the committee has not given its verdict yet.

“The committee also has not revealed when the final verdict will be given, therefore the news that the government has lost and must pay Bt70 billion compensation is not true,” it added.

For further information, contact the Government Public Relation Department at 02-618-2323 or visit: