Governor orders crackdown on polluting rod daengs following viral video

A video doing the rounds showing a rod daeng traveling up Doi Suthep while spewing smoke has prompted Chiang Mai Governor Mr. Charoenrit Sanguansat to order a crackdown on polluting public transport providers.

The crackdown started yesterday, Nov. 19 with the Chiang Mai Provincial Transport Office testing rod daengs heading up to Do Suthep at the foot of the mountain near Chiang Mai Zoo in Suthep.

Mr. Komsan Suwanampa, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province along with Mrs. Waraporn Woraphongsathorn, Chiang Mai Transport spoke to media, saying that it was not acceptable that some rod daengs emitted black smoke and that the pollution risked harming tourists during high season.

While the campaign started with targeting rod daengs heading towards Doi Suthep, the deputy governor noted that the province would be undertaking random testing at various points though out the Chiang Mai metro area as well.

Along with expressing concerns about direct exposure, it as also noted that smoke from public transport providers also contributes to Chiang Mai’s air pollution in general, particularly with it comes to PM 2.5 particulate in the air.

Mrs. Woraphongsathorn asked for the cooperation of vehicle owners in properly maintaining their engines to alleviate pollution.

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Posted by PR Chiangmai on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Photo: PR Chiang Mai