Govt Says “No More Handouts” Despite Thais Still Struggling

Government Handouts

Finance Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith has ruled out another 5,000-baht relief handout. However, he said the promotion of domestic tourism had helped the economy.

He told the media yesterday that the government had no plans for a “phase 2” handout and reports to the contrary were “fake news”

“There is no need to provide another cash handout. The government will continue to use existing measures to reboot the economy.

“And if the COVID-19 phase 2 happens, we believe our authorities and national security can handle the situation,” he said.


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The government expects eight million foreign tourists, or one-fifth of last year’s total, to return in 2021, in addition to locals who are expected to make more trips thanks to the state Rao Thiew Duay Kan tourism stimulus package.

The finance minister projected that Thai tourists would generate 6% of GDP next year, helping offset the loss of revenue expected from the drop in foreign arrivals.

Additionally, he said the government plans to give loan guarantees of 175 billion baht to small and medium enterprises to boost their capital.

He added that the Kon La Krueng co-payment measure will also increase spending in shops and restaurants.

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