Grab Food riders protest new delivery rates in Mae Hia

Around 100 Grab Food riders descended on Grab’s Chiang Mai office on Chiang Mai – Hong Dong Road (Highway 108) in Mae Hia yesterday, Nov. 4 to protest changes the service has made to delivery rates.

The riders are upset with the rates being cut. Previously, rates paid were 40 baht for the first two kilometers then 5 baht per kilometer after that whereas the new rates, effective Nov. 4, offer 30 baht for the first five kilometers then 6 baht per kilometer after that.

Mr. Putthiphong Thianthirachai, a spokesperson for the “Grab Partners,” what Grab calls its service providers, told Thai media that the new fee results in a significant reduction in compensation for riders as most customers place orders from restaurants within five kilometers.

Mr. Thianthirachai said that the new rates do not correspond to the cost of fuel, maintenance costs, internet and telephone charges, all of which are costs for the riders. In addition, he claimed that Grab had advertised the positions as offering a minimum income of 15,000 baht a month causing many people to leave their previous occupations to take up riding for Grab Food full time.

A letter demanding a review of the changes was handed to a Grab representative at the office.

Photo: 77 Hot News