Grab Knickers: delivery rider arrested for stealing underwear in Chiang Mai

A food delivery rider has been arrested after he was caught stealing underwear from those he was delivering food to across various areas in Mueang Chiang Mai.

The accused, Mr. Nontawat Intanachan, 27 is said to have targeted underwear and bras while making deliveries to various dormitories in the inner-city and Chang Phueak.

An investigation was launched after a young woman filmed Mr. Intanachan in the act and reported the theft to police. Chang Phueak Police subsequently traced Mr. Intanachan to a hotel room in Photharam Road.

Upon arrival, police found an “extensive array of lingerie” that Mr. Intanachan had stolen. Komchaduek reports the amount as being in the thousands although pictures from the scene would indicate the number may have been closer to the hundreds.

Mr. Intanachan subsequently confessed saying that he liked to inhale the scent of the underwear while masturbating.

He has been detained in custody pending a court hearing.

Photo: Komchadluek