Grab officially launches new services in Chiang Mai: Bike, Food and Express

Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant Grab has expanded its product offering in Chiang Mai, officially launching three new services today, May 27.

The new services are GrabBike, GrabFood and GrabExpress.

Leading the pack and the biggest surprise is GrabBike. Chiang Mai doesn’t currently have motorcycle taxi services despite similar services being available in other major Thai cities.

The service has the potential to revolutionize Chiang Mai transport at a time traffic congestion continues to worsen.

Initially it appears that the service will offer significant savings to users over standard GrabCar trips. Checking the app today, a trip from San Pa Pao, San Sai to Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai by GrabBike was quoted at 137 baht versus 256 baht via Grab Car.

It’s not clear how many motorcyclists have signed up to the service at launch with not many appearing in the app. That may improve with time, however.

GrabFood, Grab’s food delivery service, will compete head-on with Foodpanda and local Chiang Mai service Meals on Wheels 4U.

The company hasn’t disclosed how many restaurants it has signed up at launch but notably it offers food delivery to the outskirts of the metropolitan area from local restaurants whereas Foodpanda and Meals on Wheels 4U do not.

GrabExpress, known simply as “Delivery” in the app, is a door-to-door delivery service.

In a promotion for the new services, Grab is offering the chance for people to win gold for frequent use be it that the promotion (pictured below) is strictly limited to Thai nationals.

The expansion of Grab’s services comes ahead of a possible expansion of Get, the Thai-arm of Indonesia’s Go-Jek, which offers similar services, to Chiang Mai. Get opened up shop in Bangkok in February.