Groups Demand Education Ministry Deal with Teachers That are Intimidating Students

Students Allowed To Protest

Student groups have demanded the Education Ministry deal with teachers bullying students who express their political stance while at school.

On Monday, Narubet Rakwijit, head of the Uncommon International Group, and Peeraphol Raweksom, head of the Associate of Students in Thailand, went to the Education Ministry to submit a letter to Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan. The letter proposed measures to tackle intimidation by education personnel who disagree with students’ expressing views on politics at school.

Mr Rakwijit said his group has received numerous complaints from students who claim to have been treated unfairly by teachers after they came out to voice their political stance.

He said more than 100 schools had threatened to reduce test scores and cut scholarships of these students.

The group demanded that the ministry impose measures to ensure the safety of all students by 27th August.

He asked the ministry to design a system within seven days to allow all groups, including students, teachers and parents to voice their political opinions.

The group also called for swift measures to punish teachers and other education personnel who punish students for expressing a political stance.

The ministry has said it will hold a forum to listen to the opinions of students nationwide on 17th September at the Royal City Hotel in Bangkok.

In a related story, Rajini School alumni on Monday submitted a petition of 999 signatories to the school following its banning of political activities on its premises.

The alumni said there had been no evidence of lese majeste offences as alleged by the school’s executives and urged the school to investigate before taking action against the students.


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