Guns, drugs seized in raid on Wat Ket house

Guns and drugs have been seized following a raid by Mueang Chiang Mai Police on a house in Wat Ket early yesterday morning, July 29.

The raid occurred on the house on Charoen Muang Road at 1 a.m.

Upon arrival, police arrested Mr. Prawate Singhanet, 23 finding 50 yaba tablets along with a range of weapons. The list of weapons included a Benelli brand shotgun, an automatic rifle, various types of ammunition, four BB guns and “an ammunition envelope.”

Along with possession of illegal weapons, Mr. Singhanet was also charged with possession of drugs and intent to distribute drugs.

In a later interview, Mr. Singhanet confessed to the charges, saying that he sold the drugs to teenagers to raise money to buy the guns. As to why he was buying guns, he told police “because he likes guns.”

He was detained in custody pending a court hearing.