Gyms & Personal Trainers Asking For Fewer Restrictions

Gym Thailand

Operators of fitness centres and personal trainers have submitted a petition to a House committee on sports, urging further easing of COVID-19 restrictions to allow them to reopen.

Thanpawat Thetphuwadolvithit, a representative of a gym and fitness operator group, said the industry is drafting a COVID-19 prevention plan for the sector so that they can safely resume operations.

He said the group is also in need of financial support and wants authorities concerned to come up with measures such as tax reduction to encourage people to use fitness centre services.

Mr Thetphuwadolvithit also asked the government to assist trainers made unemployed following the preventative shutdown order.

“Even if we are allowed to reopen, we don’t expect a full return of customers. We are likely to earn only 50% of pre-pandemic income while shouldering full expenses,” he said.

Boonlue Prasertsopha, chairman of the House committee on sports, said the panel will see what it can do to help the group in the red zones when it meets next Wednesday.