Health Ministry to Announce Golf Resorts for Use as Quarantine Facilities (ASQ)

Golf Courses Thailand

The Public Health Ministry will announce the list of golf resorts that qualify as alternative state quarantine facilities next week

Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong, director-general of the Department of Health Service Support (DHSS), said the golf quarantine scheme will allow golfers to spend their quarantine doing what they love.

He stressed that the golf quarantine would be limited to travellers from low-risk countries, who must also make arrangements in advance with certified golf courses, provide certificates showing they are virus-free 72 hours before travelling and have Certificates of Entry (COEs) issued by the Thai embassy in their countries.

During their 14-day quarantine, they must take three COVID-19 tests but will be allowed to play golf and enjoy health-related activities. If they are found to have the virus, they will be treated at contracted hospitals, where they will have to pay their own medical bills.

Dr Krassanairawiwong said six golf courses had applied to be part of the scheme and the DHSS was likely to announce the names of those that had been accepted by the end of next week.

DHSS deputy director-general Dr Arkhom Praditsuwan said the Public Health Ministry had also laid out disease control measures for caddies to prevent local transmission of COVID-19.

The cabinet is especially hoping the scheme will attract golfers from Japan, Taiwan, China and South Korea.


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