‘Hoodie gang’ targets shops in San Sai

A group of criminals dubbed the “hoodie gang” due to their preference for wearing hoodies has been caught on camera targeting shops in San Sai.

The group, believed to consist of around seven teenagers, was spotted on CCTV Nov. 17 near Wat SanKhayom in San Sai Noi trying to break into a clothing store but were spotted locals and forced to flee the scene.

In a different case, the same gang is believed to be behind the theft of motorcycle parts as well, having stripped a motorcycle of its wheels, tuning pipes and handlebars, leaving only its fame behind.

According to CM108, people in the area are being asked to keep an eye out for the gang. Anyone who may have seen them and/or have CCTV footage of the gang are urged to provide a copy to San Sai Police to assist with the investigation.

Photo: CM108