Hospital Charged With Delaying Treatment & Fraudulently Charging For A Meal

Hostess Dies After Party

The Department of Health Services Support will file charges against a private hospital where a product presenter was brought in unconscious, after attending a party, and died soon after.

On Friday, department director-general Tharet Karatnairawiwong said the hospital, in Chatuchak area, will be charged with failing to properly diagnose and treat the young woman, and falsely billing her for a meal she never received.

The move follows an inquiry into a complaint filed by Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, chairman of the Crime Victims Assistance Club, and the dead woman’s mother.

Mr Karatnairawiwong said the complaint was found to have grounds. He did not name the hospital

Whitchayaporn “Wawa” Vissesombat, died at Paolo Hospital Kaset in Chatuchak district on the morning of 23rd February. She had been hired to serve drinks at a Bangkok residence the night before.

She had been brought unconscious to the hospital. She was later pronounced dead of respiratory failure. Relatives had turned to Mr Ruangrattanapong for help over her death.

The complaint accused the hospital of failing to properly diagnose her condition and delaying treatment, and fraudulently charging her for a meal.

Dr Karatnairawiwong said the department’s legal section had been ordered to take action against the hospital on two counts under Section 36 of the Sanatorium Act – failing to properly triage the patient when she was brought in, resulting in a delay in receiving treatment.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and/or a fine of 40,000 baht.

The probe found the hospital had also violated Section 73 of the same law for presenting a false bill for 400 baht for a meal she did not receive. It carries the same maximum penalty.

Mr Ruangrattanapong earlier quoted the dead woman’s younger sister as saying Witchayaporn never used drugs and never sold sex. She worked only as a product presenter, commonly referred to as a “pretty”.

On 26th February, police investigating her death raided a house in Chatuchak district of Bangkok.  The house was empty.